About Us


About Us

“URBANGREEN” is firmly committed to the study & creation of high quality common areas, using equipment of high aesthetics, green and blue energy of the latest technology. The company has partners and specialized personnel aiming at a continuous innovation and development by contributing dynamically to the design of Special Redevelopment Projects.  

Putting into practice the Quality Character embodied by “URBANGREEN”, it collaborates with pioneering companies in their field, creating Innovative Practices for the development and upgrading of common outdoor spaces.




OUR choices

Distinctive materials

The choice of raw materials for the production of products is a Commitment to save natural resources and energy, as well as to continuous improvement, pollution prevention, environmental protection, as well as compliance with relevant European and international requirements. 

The equipment and solutions proposed by “URBANGREEN” become synonymous with the Principles of Bioclimatic Design of cities, often with innovative and technologically advanced materials.

The professionalism and consistency of the partners (Construction Houses / Factories) that it has chosen to represent in the Greek Market, introduce new and innovative projects in the regeneration of Greek cities




International Standards