The historic garden of Kew Gardens in London won the European Heritage
Award for Historic Gardens at the end of September. The European Garden
Awards are awarded by an international jury of the European Network of
Historic Gardens (EGHN) and the Schloss Dyck Foundation. Since 2010, the
garden network has brought together fourteen European countries: Germany,
France, Great Britain, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Ireland, Poland,
Austria, Denmark, Portugal, Spain and Russia.
Choosing gardens is not only a matter of spectacular landscape art or
perfectly maintained borders or lawns. They also value:
• urban aspects,
• sustainability issues,
• the special offer for visitors,
• the involvement of civil society.
In summary, all finalists should inspire other projects or serve as models.
This year, the finalists were divided into five categories:
1. European Heritage Prize for Historic Gardens
2. Better development of a garden or historic park
3. Innovative contemporary design of a garden or park
4. Large-scale green networks
5. Better development of a cultural landscape at European level
This year, Kew Gardens won the first category. They are rewarded for their
years of excellence in botany and gardening. And to the latter, we have added
a small contribution. The many trails and borders have been delineated by our
Verge border. In total, 400 galvanized lm and 300 lm of CorTen® Verge were
installed. A solution that will considerably facilitate the maintenance of