It is an ideal resource for trees in the city if you want to prevent the roots
from coming up. The roots are guided a little deeper into the ground,
which strongly reduces the risk of the roots coming up.
The panels are 2 mm thick and have guide ribs and root anchors, but also
include a double top edge, which helps prevent root overgrowth. The
panel always protrudes slightly above ground level to prevent the roots
growing over the panel. The strong double edge allows for a visually
pleasing and neat installation. This edge prevents it from being damaged,
broken or cut when the screens are accessed. A broken screen provides
instant escape for the roots, reducing the screen’s functionality.
This strong double top edge makes the panels very rigid and also less
flexible. Naturally, that contributes to the long-term goal. The only
drawback of these non-flexible screens is that they’re more difficult to
place in a 90° angle.
GreenMax has come up with a solution! A TRG panel in the shape of a 90°
angle. The angle is connected to a retractable TRG panel on both sides so
that it can be used for any size of tree pit at any time. This allows you to
make neat 90° angles in any tree pit. These new angle profiles will be
available at GreenMax as of the end of January.
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